Digital Encyclopedia of Archaeologists

Collaboratively built by students in the Spring 2016 ANP203: Intro to Archaeology (Honors) class at Michigan State University, the DEoA explores and celebrates the rich history of archaeology through its practitioners

Khaled al-Assad

Jacques de Perthes

Brian Fagan

Harold Dibble

Fred Wendorf

Flinders Petrie

Ian Hodder

Lewis Binford

Dorothy Garrod

Gertrude Bell

Patty Jo Watson

Lady Aileen Fox

Leonard Woolley

Gordon Willey

Kwang Chih Chang

Kathleen Kenyon

Arthur Demarest

James Deetz

George Bass

Stuart Struever

Margaret Conkey

Ruth Tringham

Alfred Kidder

Mary Leakey

Robert Braidwood

Arthur Evans

Gertrude Caton-Thompson

John Garstang

James Griffin

George Frison